A little bit of history

As long as I can remember I have been drawing. It has become a way of life, the medium I chose to record my memories, as well as the tool I use in my professional life. As a designer I find the knowledge I have acquired as an artist will always give me the solid base I can build on. No computer will create that, it will only help me lay it out, finish the puzzle.
Along the years I have tried to remain open in what I do.
From illustration to model making, from drafting to sketching and graphic arts, I have enjoyed the many sides of design, because I find some creativity in all of them.
A lover of the outdoors, I take my sketchbook and watercolors everywhere I go. It has been with me everyday on a trip I took around the world in 2001/2002 and ended up being a fantastic communication device when language was a hurdle. And that is the way I want it to be…